Taking fast food up a notch with mobile shopping

The need to adopt more efficient means of customer engagement has been heating up the media. One of the industries most affected by the demand for new technologies is the fast food industry. This is because fast food, like the name implicates is supposed to be expedited; and every day as the speed at which we live our lives gets quicker because of the assistance of digital technology, we begin expecting the same from every brand that we interact with. Convenience and speed influence purchasing decisions so much that, 86% of us would pay more for a better experience. (Right Now)

Long lines and waits in the fast food industry have been a problem in search of a solution for quite some time. Luckily, thanks to mobile shopping fast food retailers now have a better means of controlling the entire customer journey, while delivering a level of service that in-store staff may not be capable of managing.

Here are a few examples of how mobile shopping has been transforming the fast food experience:

Food Trucks and Mobile Payment: Food trucks have been one of the quickest to adopt mobile payment out of necessity.  With barely enough space for cooking, there is no room for bulky cash registers. Through mobile payments, these vendors only need a few small devices to efficiently receive transactions from their hungry consumers and to sidestep the pitfall of “cash only.” By better meeting the needs of their clientele, food truck vendors have watched their lines shrink and profits expand.

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Mobile Wallets: The mobile wallet AIRTAG developed for KFC, called Fast Track enables customers to place and pay for orders anytime and anywhere, cutting down waiting time by 60-70%. This solution has been live in the UK & Ireland since March 2013, as an exclusive pilot. Fast Track also includes useful features to add more ease in the customer journey such as a store locator and store details, information about products and promotions and a customer account for storing favorite orders and payment details to make placing succeeding orders even faster. With Fast Track, customers have a more seamless experience, and in turn KFC now has a channel to communicate with their customers.

Dunkin Donuts and Mobile Payment: Dunkin Donuts launched their solution just over a year ago, which enables customers to make payment by scanning a barcode with the app. To promote their service the brand has used real time twitter campaigns, as well as additional features including a store locator and in app incentives; such as free products and discounts. With more than 3.5 million downloads to date, a key learning from this app is that incentivizing a new service through exclusive benefits really gives customers a reason to switch to the mobile customer journey.

Take our video tour, of how Mobile Shopping can improve fast food ordering & payment and add more value to the customer journey.

Where are all of the fast feeders? A mobile strategy should be top of mind for fast food retailers of any kind, yet only 16% of all restaurants are currently offering a mobile app. (High Table) So many fast feeders are missing out on all of the amazing new opportunities that solutions such as the mobile wallet can create for initiating meaningful relationships with customers and providing better customer service. Keeping with the same old practices that have worked for decades simply will not entice the new mobile-fixated consumer in the same way that it used to.

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AIRSHOP: Everyday shopping is going mobile

A video look at how AIRSHOP is re-shaping retail and improving customer relationships

Mobile is proliferating everywhere. With smartphones in the hands of more than 125 million U.S. consumers, it isn’t a surprise that mobile is changing the way that consumers go shopping. In today’s world, a shopping trip could start anywhere; by reading a review on a blog, browsing on a tablet, receiving a mobile coupon, or purchasing in-store.

At AIRTAG, we just released our latest video about the AIRSHOP mobile shopping solution. AIRSHOP is our all in one solution, that enables retailers and brands to offer their customers a better experience; while shopping, using coupons or collecting loyalty rewards.

Take the video tour

As transactions continue to double on mobile devices, in comparison to those placed on the regular web (comScore), retailers and brands, are looking for new ways to engage with their customers. Whether it is offering mobile couponing, mobile loyalty programs, or ordering and payment capabilities AIRSHOP helps brands meet the needs of an increasing segment of everyday shoppers that conduct their daily lives by mobile phone.

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Why mobile payments can’t take up all the space in your wallet

The quick and steady growth of the Retailer Mobile Wallet; has created a call for action from retailers. But, the word wallet naturally implicates payment, when payments are only a part of what a retailer mobile wallet CAN do to improve Blog Post Mobile Shopping 2in-store shopping. This week, we came across an article we really liked, “Why mobile wallets alone will fail”, which articulated why mobile payments fall short in bringing real value to both retailers and shoppers. “Alone, mobile payment won’t take off with shoppers in a big way, but only as part of something that lifts up the shopping experience radically and fundamentally.” (Fortune)

That said, not all mobile wallets are centered around payments. Both of our retail focused Mobile Wallet solutions AIRSHOP Order and AIRSHOP Loyalty have been built on the idea that value added features are the key to driving user adoption. For example; fast ordering and payments so customers can order anytime and anywhere, geolocated couponing that is relevantly timed to inspire purchasing, skip the line incentives that cut down in-store waiting and lines by up to 60 or 70%, loyalty so customers can feel appreciated for giving their business to a retailer, real time product availability so customers can rely on what is actually available for purchasing in-store. The benefits will drive the adoption, and when that occurs, retailers will have a big time tool to manage their customer relationships; something which just can’t be done as well through traditional shopping. Once the benefits are established, expedited payments can only make the customer journey even better.

Last thoughts
Don’t get us wrong, Mobile Payments do have a very relevant place in the retailer mobile wallet, and are principally important in the mobile commerce, web to store and mobile to store customer journey’s. Especially considering that Blog Post Mobile Shoppingthere is a 66pc mobile shopping cart abandonment rate. In these cases, mobile payments still play an essential role in winning the sale; and retailers need to make improvements by adding more 1 click payment options, PayPal, and digital wallets like MasterPass and V.me. But, considering that payments are still only the last step of the customer journey, the greater importance remains in actually getting customers there.

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Learn more about AIRTAG White Label Mobile Wallets for Retailers at http://www.airtag.com/AIRSHOP.html

AIRTAG and Yum team up to offer KFC customers a Mobile App for Ordering and Payments

At AIRTAG when we’ve got big news, we really like to share it, and today we’ve got some big news! We are very excited to announce a partnership with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in the UK. KFC has chosen our Airshop solution to launch their first ever mobile and web app for advanced ordering and payments, called KFC Fast Track. This partnership is good news for shoppers who can’t get enough of their Smartphones because now they can order delicious KFC meals on any connected device; anytime and anywhere.

Airshop is an end to end mobile commerce solution enabling retailers to launch self-branded mobile and web apps for advanced ordering & payments. KFC will very soon launch Airshop in 10 locations across the UK which is a lab for international technology testing and roll-out.


KFC well understands changing consumer behavior and the new opportunities mobile commerce is creating for retailers. Paul Borrett, IT Director of KFC UK & Ireland who worked closely with us on the project explained the importance of streamlining the customer ordering experience and hints at the exciting future plans we’ve got lined up for KFC Fast Track. “Our customers lead increasingly busy lives and KFC Fast Track is focused on helping them order, pay for and collect their food faster than ever before, delivering a great experience throughout,” said Paul. “We look forward to working closely with AIRTAG and adding many more innovative features to KFC Fast Track in the coming months.”

Beyond a mobile app, our CEO & Co-founder Jérémie Leroyer spoke to the importance of mobile commerce adoption as essential to a retailer’s success. “To launch a mobile ordering and payment app for Yum! Restaurants International is a real milestone for AIRTAG. KFC Fast Track will renew the ordering experience in a way that meets new consumer demands for efficiency onset by the increasing importance of multi-channel commerce shopping,” said Jérémie. “We are very pleased to work with KFC in carving out a mobile presence that brings real value to end users and we are very excited for the programs roll out.”

KFC 265

KFC Fast Track Customer Journey Snapshot:

  • Download the iPhone app in the app store https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/kfc-fasttrack/id604869919?mt=8
  • Select the closest or preferred ordering location from a geolocated list of KFCs with the service
  • Compile an order by selecting desired products and pay by credit card
  • After the order is paid for, check your device for a QR code and order confirmation number for order pick up at KFC.

Customers can pick up their order at KFC anytime on the day an order is placed. When the customer gets to KFC, they will do a “mobile check-in” and then skip the line and proceed directly to the check-out specifically designated to KFC Fast Track users to pick up the order. No long lines, no big waits, KFC Fast Track users will have an easier more convenient ordering experience than ever before. It’s really just that simple. KFC Fast Track users can also save their ordering history, favorite stores, favorite orders and payment details to make re-ordering even easier. It won’t be long before KFC Fast Track includes “Geofencing” so customers can do the mobile check in, even before getting to KFC.

KFC recognizes that the future of fast food retail is rapidly changing. To stay ahead of the game KFC has chosen our Airshop solution to go mobile; the perfect recipe for success!

What is Airshop?

Airshop is a turnkey solution for retailers, including everything needed to launch an entire mobile and web ordering platform for advanced ordering & payments. Airshop as its title suggests enables retailers to digitize there stores and no longer be confined to the walls of a physical store. With Airshop retailers can meet new demands onset by the increasingly mobilized consumer that expects to purchase from a retailer on any and every channel in real time, from anywhere.

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KFC FAst TRack