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McDonalds Japan has released Kazasu Coupon, an innovative mobile contactless solution including coupons download and payment card.

This is a nice first step as paper coupons is very popular in Japan. But the ultimate killer app’ for fast food is to enable “Order building” on the mobile, which is far more complicated as it requires total integration into the restaurant POS and ordering software.

After nearly a year in development, McDonalds Japan created Kazasu Coupon for NFC mobiles using Felica RFID technology.

To join, customers must download an application to their phones and register via mobile web, allowing them to choose the coupons they like. When making their purchase at McDonalds, the coupon is redeemed by placing the phone near the RFID reader at the register, instantly adding the item to the order. To complete the order, payment can also be done using NTT Docomo’s iD mobile wallet.

This system is a powerful CRM program for McDonalds, allowing them to target coupons and campaigns directly to customer’s mobile phones according to their preferences and purchase history. Kazasu Coupon will likely include more interactive features and downloadable content once it becomes a full-fledged loyalty program.

Source: http://www.kilian-nakamura.com