The outside packaging shows a full size image of this new mobile phone made by Samsung for Google. This mobile runs the latest Android OS: Gingerbread. Its fast 1Ghz processor, will operate a lot of features like multi-tasking, Wi-Fi, web mobile and of course NFC!

After opening the box we can just see the Nexus. The mobile is protected by a transparent sticker with an “X / S” logo and a web address if you need more information. This packaging gives immediately a feeling of quality of this device.

To access the accessories you need to remove the cover where the Nexus is lead on. The pack contains the USB cable, a power adapter, earphones and documentations.

The front side of the Nexus is very well designed and seams very confortable at use for typing and phoning especially with its lightly curved screen.

The backside is also curved and hosts the camera (5 Megapixels) flash and a loudspeaker and Google and Samsung logos.

If you open the backside cover you will find the battery and the connector for the SIM card. The cover apparently contains the NFC antenna and is connect to the phone (when closed) by two small contacts.

After powered on the phone you will find Android mobile platform, with all the well-known functionalities of this OS.

The newest NFC feature is easily accessible and offers the possibility to read NFC tags. To activate the NFC application you just need to place the phone next to a NFC tag and the mobile will activate the service.

This NFC capability will bring to mobiles a totally new type of interaction between the digital and physical world, like using your phone to store loyalty or transport NFC cards (i.e.: FidBook by AIRTAG). In the next posts we will show you more possible usage of this NFC feature.

Google may take advantage of this early distribution to lead NFC phones market share ahead of Apple with the coming iPhone 5 (supposed to be NFC)