In Japan most of the latest smartphones are compatible with the Felica payment system (Japanese NFC standard’s), but Apple’s iPhone4 NFC deficit cause customer’s dissatisfaction.

Japanese carrier Softbank has responded to complaints by introducing a “sticker” for the back of Apple’s iPhone. This add-on covers almost the entire rear, but it is still compatible with Apple’s own Bumpers.

It’s declined for 3 different NFC cards:

  • Waon electronic loyalty and money system by ÆON retail group
  • Nanaco, prepaid and rechargeable contactless electronic money card used in 7 Eleven convenience stores
  • Edy, prepaid rechargeable contactless smart card used in a large number of participating stores, vending machines and  JR’s ticket gates

This sticker doesn’t actually communicate with the iPhone; it’s just hosting a NFC card. On sale in February in Japan, could this concept be an option for early NFC users in Europe?