You can read now on the web a large number of news talking of the potential addition of NFC in the next iPhone generation (and maybe iPad).

Taking in consideration the possible availability of this technology in theses devices we have listed hereunder the possible services that Apple could release on the market.

These services are hypothesis and don’t refer to reel projects, but some of these predictions could become reality.

NFC in Apple Stores:

Payment in the physical Apple Stores using your iTunes account instead of your credit card. If you have already visited an Apple Store you may have noticed that the store design don’t really include a checkout line like any classical electronic store. Checkout almost don’t exist, you need to order your product with a vendor and in second time you need go to a specific place for your credit card payment and ticket.

Using NFC may suppress this second step and give the opportunity to do payment directly on the vendor device, just by approaching your NFC phone. For the debit your purchases could be directly be invoiced on the iTunes account active in your phone.

Small business:

Apple could provide a solution for small business in order to make them able to use any NFC-enabled i-devices. Some rumors report that Apple has already created a prototype of a payment terminal those small businesses could use to scan the NFC-enabled iPhones and iPads for payments.

This terminal could be a stand-alone or an optional USB device and software for Apple’s computers.

Already NFC equipped Stores:

Due to a large number of NFC cards issued by MarterCard, Visa or Barclays, more and more stores are able now to accept contact-less transactions at the checkout lines.

Having an NFC-enabled iPhone could be an opportunity for Apple to offer a payment service to Apple’s users.

Recently Apple did some changes in the iTunes account management and renamed it “Apple ID”. With this “ID” you can buy contents and services on every Apple online services (Apple Store, iTunes, iPhoto printing service, Mac App Store…).

The next step could be to extend this service to any type of purchase in physical store just by using this “Apple ID” instead of a classical credit card.

Apple could also propose to replace your credit card number by your bank account number and deliver payment services at lower cost. This approach may limit debit-card fees paid by retailers and lets them encourage consumers to use this new payment method.

ITunes Gift Card and Money transfer:

You can already from the Apple store send to a friend an iTunes Gift Card, but with your NFC iPhone you could do it just by approaching it to another NFC phone. Based on this mechanism you could reload your kids Apple ID account and they could spent this credit online and/or in NFC-enable compatible stores.

Content transfer:

Still on the same idea you could directly transfer contents form a phone to another just by NFC for appearing. The targeted phone could automatically download this content from iTunes store and pay for it if required.

Targeted Advertising:

Apple also could use NFC to improve how it delivers mobile ads to customers’ handsets and charge higher fees for those ads. NFC would let Apple’s iAd advertising network personalize ads to the places where a customer is spending money. That could double or triple the ad rates that Apple charges to the brands.