A recent quarterly survey conducted by the eDigital Research organization in March 2012 surveyed 2,078 UK residents, both Smartphone and non-Smartphone owners, on their general knowledge and NFC technology usage.

The survey had a number of stimulating findings indicating that mainly there are still a high percentage of people who are not aware of what NFC technology is and those who may have heard of it may not be entirely sure how to use it.

The results specify that mainly it is the responsibility of  those within the technology industry and retailers to work together to improve the general public’s knowledge of; what exactly NFC payments are, how they work, security features and the overall benefits; as ease and convenience were seen as the primary benefits while an astounding 32% of people surveyed did not see any benefits at all.

The good news is that those who do have an NFC enabled Smartphone and have tried the technology are likely to use it again. The survey found that “89% of those who had made a mobile contactless payment say they are likely to use the technology again in the near future,” (eDigital Research) demonstrating that the benefits of NFC payments are visible and will keep users coming back.

From a customer’s perspective as to what can be done to improve the situation three key recommendations were made:

  • More information: 10.34% of consumers feel that more information is needed to help increase awareness.
  • Better/Tighter security: 22.8% of respondents do not feel confident enough that there is enough security surrounding Contactless Mobile Payments.
  • More pay points: 8.75% of respondents felt that the lack of available places where they could use Contactless Mobile Payments was holding back the technology. To improve, retailers and technology providers need to look at integrating more pay points around stores, as well as branching out to all locations.

What really is crucial in these findings is that the lack of knowledge consumers have about NFC payments in general  most likely greatly impacts the number of people who are unsure whether NFC payments are secure or not. “This time around it’s up to retailers and technology providers to push for this next revolution of the market. People need to work together to increase consumer awareness, and in turn, settle fears and tackle key issues, such as security.” (Derek Eccleston, head of research at eDigitalResearch)

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