Berlin: The partnership between MasterCard and Deutsche Telekom geared at “making make mobile payments a reality for Deutsche Telekom’s 93 million mobile customers across Europe,” (MasterCard Worldwide) was announced yesterday in Berlin. The collaboration emphasizes the need for cooperation amongst various players across the sector, to get the necessary traction for the NFC payment industry and to build consumer confidence.

The first mobile payments using phone tags and cards will be introduced later this year in Poland; a market known for high penetration of NFC enabled POS terminals. Shortly to follow, Germany will see a number of mobile payment pilot projects to be followed by a nationwide roll-out in the first half of next year. 2013 will also see the market opened to other issuing banks and partners. (MasterCard Worldwide)

Partnerships such as this one, further indicate that “we’re at a time when we’re seeing an accelerating movement away from cash – driven by technology,” (Ann Cairns, President, International Markets for MasterCard Worldwide) which will hopefully strengthen the customer perspective and enthusiasm for the services.

Watch the video on DT’s strategy of approach to conquer the European territory for Mobile Payments.

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