Sources: The Wall Street Journal, Starbucks

It’s not a secret that Apple has taken a less than aggressive approach in the mobile payment wars. An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal highlights that, this really shouldn’t be a surprise because it has always been part of the company’s angle. Piper Jaffray analyst at Gene Munster, comments on the Apple approach; “They let their competitors do their market research for them,” Piper also reminiscing of the other times that Apple seems to have let others test the waters; MP3 player, tablet etc….

Prefaced with a figure we like to keep in mind that; “Mobile payments are expected to exceed 600 billion worldwide by 2016,” the announcement of the Passbook, left more attention drawn to what it doesn’t do: “It can’t link directly to credit or debit cards, so consumers can’t use it to replace their wallets.” said Jessica Vascellaro of The Wall Street Journal. The PassBook now the remaining prefigure of Apple’s next plausible moves.

All the while, there are some other retailers who have made every effort to lead the way; Starbucks as an example has been quick in developing their own approach to mobile payments including mobile loyalty programs. Yesterday, Starbucks announced their mobile app for Android will be available in Canada, U.K. and the US; offering all three countries access to advanced functions:

  • Store locator
  • Load card with PayPal or Any major credit card (Canada/US only)
  • Payments (available in over 14,000 stores worldwide)
  • Account management/Loyalty Rewards; so you know just how close that next free drink is
  • Pin code entry; for extended security

One of the key points underlined by Adam Brodman chief digital officer of Starbucks, is that their mobile payment innovation most importantly, “extends the number of customers who now have a faster and easier way to pay at Starbucks.” Emphasizing one of the essential values that we at AIRTAG believe in; Mobile Payments and other Mobile Solutions should be designed to offer an improved retail environment and optimal user experience.

The impact from globally trusted brands such as Starbucks could be influential on bettering trust towards mobile payments.

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