“John Donahoe, president/CEO of eBay said that eBay and PayPal’s expected $10 billion in volume transactions this year will be more than double what the companies saw last year. The results are proof that that there is a staggering surge in mobile shopping and payments, which did not exist years ago.” Although the eBay PayPal predictions were re-worked a number of times in the last quarter, the high number expectations further emphasize the drastic shift to Mobile Shopping to be seen in the coming year.

If the number of mobile shoppers is set to double as eBay predicts evidently this should lead to more people shopping exclusively with their mobile phone, naturally NFC payment should follow closely behind? We’d like to think so.

The company’s insightful strategy has already incorporated thought into the often dreaded part of paying by mobile phone; the tedious entering of credit card details. PayPal announcing two days ago they have acquired the start-up Card.io. Card.io specializes in credit card picture scanning; at just 15 cents a scan PayPal users will have the option of taking a picture of their card and license as supplement for entering credit card detail.

The consciousness of consumer opinion and user experience re-enforces the importance that Mobile Shopping and Payment remain effortless for users; with distinct & visible benefits, to lead to change in purchasing behavior.

On another note, as the shift to Mobile Shopping picks up traction it is important to look at leveraging the possibilities, instead of exploiting them. Recently published on Marketing Week by Michael Barnett an article highlighted exactly what Mobile Shopping should not be; license to spam customers with unwanted information. Barnett used the example of an unappreciated marketing campaign received from an Airline provider; pushing notifications asking participation in a government lobbying campaign.

Mobile Shopping may “provide valuable marketing data, but that value is unlikely to be realized if the business can’t use the program to engage emotionally with customers.” (Michael Barnett for Marketing Weekly)

The opportunity with data produced by Mobile Shopping, should lead to customer insight and a means of better relationships with shoppers by offering relevant rewards, couponing and marketing campaigns.