It has been a busy month at AIRTAG HQ; a new office having been opened in New York, MasterCard’s® release of the UI SDK and exciting new business partnerships as well as innovations to be announced in the coming months. A recently article published on clickZ; highlighting the growing number as well as demographics of Smartphone Retail shoppers featured AIRTAG CEO & Cofounder, Jérémie Leroyer’s thoughts on the future of Mobile Shopping.

“Our vision is that the shopping experience is about to change and the mobile will become the main medium to change the shopping experience.”

According to comScore research, the month of July saw significant growth in the number of Mobile Shoppers with 4 out of every 5 Smartphone users accessing retail content. Dominating that number were females accounting for 56.1% of mobile retail shoppers, adults between the ages of 25-44 and households with salaries higher than 100k.

Undoubtedly the growth in the number of people shopping by Mobile creates a profoundly new opportunity to share information about promotions, products and any brand related content as well as the opportunity to create new user focused experiences.

“Our challenge is to invent new forms of retail, and new ways of delivering services and products to the customer in store,” added Jérémie. “If we don’t provide new services around mobile shopping, then the customer will not be interested.”

The AIRTAG focus remains on creating experiences that give the end user an incentive to shop by mobile phone, as many begin to see what a huge opportunity that is creating.

Read the full article including comments from AIRTAG’s CEO, Jérémie Leroyer.