“The brightest star in the retail sky this year was mobile commerce,” said Mickey Alam Khan, editor in chief of Mobile Commerce Daily and Mobile Marketer, New York. This holiday season has proved more than ever that Mobile Commerce is here to stay. Although NFC has not experienced the same boom yet, we at AIRTAG know that NFC is the direction in which we are moving. Yet, it may be even 5 years or more before, “NFC accounts for the majority of payments.” (Jérémie Leroyer on Mobile N Apps) AIRTAG’s CEO, Jérémie Leroyer had a recent opportunity to share the AIRTAG perspective on NFC with Heather Lockenson of Mashable on Whether or not it is worth it to build an NFC app right now. “NFC is really, so far the only technology available on Smartphones that can secure a transaction,” said Jérémie Leroyer to Mashable. “NFC will become the main technology to perform transactions in the future.” Read the full article on Mashable

That being said, we know it is going to take some time. In spite of where NFC is headed the eco-system is still a bit confusing. Jérémie had an opportunity to share a few helpful thoughts with Mobile N Apps on how the NFC eco-system could be simplified and why the value of NFC in some cases can be very difficult to understand.

NFC is an enabler: NFC is only a technology that is an enabler. Value for the end user must be brought to NFC. NFC certainly is more secure but the other user benefits must be added to the technology which is what AIRTAG enables service providers like; banks, MNO’s and retailers, to do.

NFC is a complex technology: Like any complex and revolutionary technology, things can get pretty confusing because of all the different players needed for the eco-system to work. However, the best way for NFC to continue progressing is supporting an opened infrastructure which is how Felicia technology works in Japan. (NFC equivalent in Japan)

NFC will take time: Because there are a lot of players involved in NFC from MNO’s, banks, financial institutions, retailers, cell-phone manufacturers, service providers and on and on and on, getting the industry together and developing consistent standards across the board, will take some time. However, “We can certainly see, by the strides taken by every major player, NFC is the way in which we are moving.” (Jérémie Leroyer on Mobile n Apps)

NFC & the naysayers: AIRTAG plans to convert the NFC naysayers through Value added services. “NFC is not a strategy alone; it is a technology, which is an enabler. This means that value for the end user must be added to NFC.” (Jérémie Leroyer on Mobile N Apps) AIRTAG brings value to NFC through; creating new and improved customer journey’s; reducing lines, waiting time, card processing, adding loyalty to NFC payments, reducing fees, couponing, digital receipts, linking transportation passes etc. Through value added services the user benefits become clearer which will provoke more demand for the technology from end users.  Read the full interview from Jeremie Leroyer on Mobile N Apps.

Thanks for reading the AIRTAG perspective on the Mobile Shopping eco-system.