At the NRF 13 it was evident that Mobile Payments are quickly capturing the interest of retailers big and small across North America and beyond. Very promising predictions after the NRF released by Forrester Research further point AIRTAG Paymentsto the growing importance of Mobile Payments, an industry expected to be worth 90 billion USD by 2017. (Forrester Research) What caught our attention about Forrester’s predictions was that Mobile Proximity Payments (in-store payments) which currently have the smallest share of the payment pie, will see the most growth between now and 2017;  growing “from a 4 percent share to 45 percent” (Forrester Research) by 2017. The reasons that Mobile Proximity Payments are expected to break out, are the ways in which Quick Service Retail (QSR) retailers can “tack on” value added services.

Recently, our CEO Jérémie Leroyer shared with our perspective on Mobile Shopping’s ability to grow the payment industry. “We should think in terms of shopping experiences rather than payments. Shoppers are not expecting a new payment method, they are really expecting a new shopping experience. We have to provide something…that brings more value to the customer.” (Jérémie Leroyer on

Thinking about Forrester’s predictions from the Mobile Shopping perspective; more than ever proximity retailers are realizing the mobile phone’s ability to deliver value added services to end users and quickly implementing: fast ordering, loyalty, couponing, advanced ordering and online payments. Adding Proximity payment capabilities to these types of solutions, will be a logical continuation in the Evolution of Mobile Commerce. At AIRTAG we like to emphasize that it may be less about where we can make mobile payments right now and more about the increasing availability of Mobile Shopping Solutions. A lot of retailers are beginning with value added services and we expect to see payment growth stem from the “tacking on” of mobile/NFC payment capabilities.

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