A video look at how AIRSHOP is re-shaping retail and improving customer relationships

Mobile is proliferating everywhere. With smartphones in the hands of more than 125 million U.S. consumers, it isn’t a surprise that mobile is changing the way that consumers go shopping. In today’s world, a shopping trip could start anywhere; by reading a review on a blog, browsing on a tablet, receiving a mobile coupon, or purchasing in-store.

At AIRTAG, we just released our latest video about the AIRSHOP mobile shopping solution. AIRSHOP is our all in one solution, that enables retailers and brands to offer their customers a better experience; while shopping, using coupons or collecting loyalty rewards.

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As transactions continue to double on mobile devices, in comparison to those placed on the regular web (comScore), retailers and brands, are looking for new ways to engage with their customers. Whether it is offering mobile couponing, mobile loyalty programs, or ordering and payment capabilities AIRSHOP helps brands meet the needs of an increasing segment of everyday shoppers that conduct their daily lives by mobile phone.

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