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Why Mobile Proximity Payments are set to explode

At the NRF 13 it was evident that Mobile Payments are quickly capturing the interest of retailers big and small across North America and beyond. Very promising predictions after the NRF released by Forrester Research further point AIRTAG Paymentsto the growing importance of Mobile Payments, an industry expected to be worth 90 billion USD by 2017. (Forrester Research) What caught our attention about Forrester’s predictions was that Mobile Proximity Payments (in-store payments) which currently have the smallest share of the payment pie, will see the most growth between now and 2017;  growing “from a 4 percent share to 45 percent” (Forrester Research) by 2017. The reasons that Mobile Proximity Payments are expected to break out, are the ways in which Quick Service Retail (QSR) retailers can “tack on” value added services.

Recently, our CEO Jérémie Leroyer shared with our perspective on Mobile Shopping’s ability to grow the payment industry. “We should think in terms of shopping experiences rather than payments. Shoppers are not expecting a new payment method, they are really expecting a new shopping experience. We have to provide something…that brings more value to the customer.” (Jérémie Leroyer on

Thinking about Forrester’s predictions from the Mobile Shopping perspective; more than ever proximity retailers are realizing the mobile phone’s ability to deliver value added services to end users and quickly implementing: fast ordering, loyalty, couponing, advanced ordering and online payments. Adding Proximity payment capabilities to these types of solutions, will be a logical continuation in the Evolution of Mobile Commerce. At AIRTAG we like to emphasize that it may be less about where we can make mobile payments right now and more about the increasing availability of Mobile Shopping Solutions. A lot of retailers are beginning with value added services and we expect to see payment growth stem from the “tacking on” of mobile/NFC payment capabilities.

Read the full article on Mobile Proximity Payments by Denée Carrington of Forrester Research

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2012: the year that made Mobile Shopping & AIRTAG’s predictions for 2013

We saw some major trends this holiday season; that re-iterated the ever growing importance of Mobile Shopping. We heard a lot about showrooming, omni-channel mobile strategy and mobile commerce success;  24% of Black Friday purchases made by mobile phone, 28.5% of shoppers engaging in some sort of Mobile Shopping on Cyber Monday and Ebay reporting even higher sales the following week. All of which, has raised the question as to whether or not every day has become a Mobile Shopping day? Everything we have seen over this holiday season indicates that we are moving beyond a revolution and that, Mobile Shopping has arrived. More >

Why NFC is worth the wait and the unique features of the AIRTAG Kit

The last few weeks have been busy, busy for AIRTAG. We are excited to have new partners on board, rolling out Mobile Shopping Solutions in the last week for Dennys and Alfarooj. Dennys has opted for AIRTAG’s AIRFID Mobile Loyalty & Couponing solution. Alfarooj has chosen AIRTAG’s AIRSHOP Mobile Ordering & Payment solution, to be deployed in 50+ locations from France to Dubai.

If you missed our big announcement, we have also launched the AIRTAG Kit, now available for purchase via The AIRTAG Kit is a set of smart tools that speed and simplify the development of PayPass applications using MasterCard’s Mobile Payment User Interface Software Development Kit. For the first time, all the necessary tools for developing PayPass and Wallet apps, are available in one package including a community of support through our Developer Program. More >

The Airshop solution by AIRTAG is now compatible with Apple Passbook

We are happy to announce GoMcDo’s compatibility with Passbook. We have been working with McDonald’s on GoMcDo; an advanced ordering & payment application  since 2009, consistently innovating the service to improve the user experience. Passbook integration takes the service one step further in streamlining the user experience.

If you haven’t heard of GoMcDo yet, it is a new way to order and pay ahead for your favorite McDonald’s products. An order can be placed and paid for in advance via the Mobile or Web application. Orders are then picked-up at McDonald’s by scanning the 2DBar Code which is sent when the order is placed, or NFC Smartphone on the un-attended “Easy Check In” Kiosk. Users of the service get to “skip the line” when picking up an order. No long lines, no long waits and more time to enjoy your time at McDonald’s.

With Passbook integration when customers are on their way to McDonald’s to pick-up an order placed with the GoMcDo service, the Pass will appear on the iPhone homescreen, so the check-in can be made even faster upon arrival at McDonald’s.

Jeremie Leroyer CEO & co-founder of AIRTAG comments that,  “Mobile shopping is a long-term fix, for current ongoing problems within the retail experience.”

We all know what it feels like to have a poor shopping experience, to not feel like a valued customer, to wait in long lines and receive exactly the opposite of customer service. With Mobile Shopping Solutions it doesn’t have to be that way.  GoMcDo is an example of how the AIRSHOP solution can be used to put customer service and convenience back in the hands of customers; in a new and interactive way. GoMcDo already seeing growing popularity from users is active in more than 50+ locations, with more than 1.8 million downloads to date.

We see Mobile Shopping as the way of the future and AIRTAG speculates that the “POS will disappear over the next 10 or 15 years. And mobile payments will take its place.” (Leroyer on Forbes) Between now and then, it is about offering new and innovative services like GoMcDo, that improve the user experience enough so that Mobile becomes the preferred method for shopping.

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