A new pan-European consortium wants to define next-generation mobile services with Near Field Communications (NFC) and accelerate development of NFC applications. Made up of companies, universities and user groups and funded by the European Commission, the consortium came together to develop an open architecture for the development, deployment and use of NFC-enabled applications in mobile handsets. With more industries employing contactless payment applications, the ‘Store Logistics and Payment with NFC’ (StoLPaN) project aims to define open commercial and technical frameworks for NFC-enabled services that will facilitate the deployment of NFC-enabled mobile applications across a wide range of vertical markets, regardless of the phone type and the nature of the services required.

“With NFC-enabled mobile devices you should soon be able to provide a variety of services, based on either the contactless interface or over-the-air-download, replacing the need for physical credit, loyalty, bank or transportation cards,” says Alan Wright, head of strategy and new business development for Motorola Mobile Devices, Europe. “The StoLPaN project aims to make this vision a reality for many operators, financial service providers, merchants and mobile subscribers.”