With fifty million mobile devices in the hands of shoppers this holiday season, it’s clear that mobile is beginning to significantly impact retail. With more

KFC Fast Track Mobile WAlletconsumers browsing, researching and purchasing by mobile phone this year than any other, smart retailers are starting to engage customers in new ways – on the channel where they spend the most time.

Today we have got some news on the mobile shopping frontier, with the announcement of a new collaboration with PayPal for the KFC Fast Track mobile wallet. Launched this year using AIRSHOP – our white label mobile wallet solution; Fast Track enables KFC customers to order and pay in advance by mobile phone, without needing to be in a physical store.

The new PayPal features announced today will enable KFC customers to complete transactions even faster and easier, and we are really excited about that! With the PayPal features, KFCcustomers can create a Fast Track account and pay using their existing PayPal account details by simply entering their username and password, without having to provide their financial details to a third party.

“With the majority of mobile and online commerce traffic being lost during login and check-out processes, we are very excited to work with PayPal to provide KFC customers with faster alternatives that streamline the customer experience,” said Jérémie Leroyer CEO & Co-Founder of AIRTAG.  “We are already seeing the majority of Fast Track orders being placed by mobile phone, and these new features will make it even more convenient for those on the go costumers to
create an account, order and pay in the quickest way possible.”

The Fast Track mobile wallet along with the new streamlined payment features: bring us even one step closer to a wallet-less high street, where we can all go cashless.

“This collaboration is another step on the journey towards a wallet-less high street, where customers will be able to leave their wallet or purse at home and pay using their smartphone or tablet. Our research shows that a third of people would choose their smartphone over their wallet when leaving home – while 80% wish they could leave their wallet at home,” said Rob Harper, Head of Retail Services at PayPal UK, “We predict that by 2016 you won’t need your wallet to pay on the UK high street – your smartphone will be enough.”

KFC Fast Track is now available at select locations in the UK including: Southampton, Basingstoke, Woking and Slough. We have already received great feedback, and we’re sure if you try the KFC Fast Track mobile ordering and payment wallet  you will save yourself lots of time and waiting in line too. Download the Fast Track app now on iTunes, or access the KFC Fast Track mobile website

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