The Mobile is undoubtedly becoming the preferred method for purchasing. In fact, almost half of the US population shopped by Mobile Phone in June. And according to Juniper research that number is set to only increase by about 50% in the next two years. An expected 580 million people will be shopping by Mobile phone by 2014 with mobile transactions are expected to total more than 730 billion by 2017; a 25% yearly increase from now until then.

These type of facts are proof that we are seeing a revolution in the way that people find, order and pay for products & services. As we witness the shift to the era of the Mobile Shopper, more companies are securing their mobile first strategy. Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith inspires us with his comment at this year’s Mobilecon about the changes in consumer behavior the company has seen in the last eighteen months from, internet to mainly mobile use.

“Consumers want mobile applications, they want social media as part of their experience,” something the company has been tapping into for the last year.

Griffith is focused on the capability the mobile has, which a computer simply does not, “the ability to reach customers whenever and wherever.” That possibility alone has led the company to plan on intensely moving towards a fully Mobile Zipcar experience. Zipcar future innovations will move beyond just the ability to reserve, and use the mobile to unlock and start a Zipcar, to a completely enhanced in-car driving experience. The Mobile device will become an ‘in car assistant’ to help navigate, plan an itinerary, build an iTunes playlist and provide information about the car.

Griffith’s insights feed into the AIRTAG vision of “Mobile possibilities,” a possibility which is backed by concrete facts of the steady inclination of Mobile Shoppers. The last months at AIRTAG have seen our innovations direct much of a focus on the idea of the “anytime and anywhere,” user experience.  Our Mobile solutions, for partners like McDonald’s and Carrefour have been about disrupting the traditional shopping experience so users are able to do everyday things, at their own discretion, from when and where they want.

Obviously penetration in the retail environment is a longer process then let’s say for a platform like Zipcar; which has only ever entailed online use. But, it is clear that more people are Shopping by Mobile because it proves to be quite simply; easier and better. Between now and 2014, we at AIRTAG look forward to continually bringing new innovations to our solutions and exploring all of the possible in Mobile Shopping.

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