Carrefour City has launched a mobile shopping service ‘Mon Panier’ that is based on the retail NFC solution, Airshop by Airtag.

This service is up and running at the St. Lazarre Carrefour City location in Paris, the first of several stores to be equipped with the ‘Mon Panier’ retail NFC solution, in the next few weeks.

‘Mon Panier’ offers ample convenience’s for Carrefour City’s customers, who can now place an order and pay for purchases from the convenience of a Smartphone.

All you need to do is:

  • Place the order from your Smartphone
  • Within two hours the Carrefour City staff will have prepared the order
  • Upon store arrival, just go to the ‘Mon Panier’ kiosk to identify yourself by either tapping your NFC mobile device to the kiosk screen with a built in NFC reader, or by placing the phone beneath the QR code reader on the bottom right of the kiosk

In addition, the ‘Mon Panier’ service, has no minimum purchase amount and no delivery or pick-up fees! It is a 100% free service!

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