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McDonalds Japan has released Kazasu Coupon, an innovative mobile contactless solution including coupons download and payment card.

This is a nice first step as paper coupons is very popular in Japan. But the ultimate killer app’ for fast food is to enable “Order building” on the mobile, which is far more complicated as it requires total integration into the restaurant POS and ordering software.

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Most new mobile phones are equipped with the RIFD electronics in Japan. Thanks to thier mobile, japaneses pay for shopphing, restaurants, public transport… More >>

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Quicpay1.jpgL’entreprise JCB (premier émetteur de cartes bancaires au Japon) propose une carte de crédit en forme de porte-clés.

Il ne s’agit pour le moment que d’un prototype mais cela montre bien qu’une fois le post-paiement sans contact en place, la forme du support importe peu.

La carte de crédit peut être contenue dans un mobile, ou comme c’est le cas ici, être déclinée en différents supports plus pratiques et plus attractifs que la traditionnelle carte rectangulaire.

Source et suite ici.

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The NFC 2.0 is already tested in Japan with a new Felica chip. This chip is twice faster (424 Kbps) than the previous version and has more memory.

Some examples of applications with the new version of FeliCa system :

  • in taxi for payment :


  • in fuel pump for payment :


  • in restaurant for ordering and payment :


>>> more info here (in French)

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keitai24_1_.pngHere is a nice description (in French…), of the contactless revolution in Japan, and particularly explaining the value added of such services for retailers (gain in service time, promotion, loyalty etc…)
>>> more info here

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