Everyone at AIRTAG has been very excited about the launch of the AIRTAG Kit. Today, we are reminding everyone of this unique set of tools, with the official launch of the AIRTAG Kit in France. The AIRTAG Kit is a fastand easy way to develop a MasterCard PayPass Wallet Application using MasterCard’s recently released Mobile User Interface Software Development Kit (MMPP UI SDK) now available free for download via the MasterCard Developer Zone. The AIRTAG Kit contains the necessary hardware, tools and support to successfully complete your PayPass Wallet App development. It’s cost effective, easy to use and simplifies the MasterCard certification process.

What’s in the Kit? The Kit includes, the latest generation NFC Samsung Galaxy S3 with 3 pre-installed white label apps including a wallet, a USB Contactless Card Reader, 5 UICC samples, 2 demo tags, and a 1 year membership to the Developer Program. The Developer Program provides the ability to ask our own AIRTAG developers additional questions, support for issues you may have with the UI SDK or the AIRTAG Kit, additional resources; user guides for the MMPP UI SDK and the AIRTAG Kit, tutorials, manuals, payment scheme support and support for additional Smartphone platforms as they become available. These resources provided in the Developer Program are used by our own AIRTAG developers to build mobile payment & wallet apps. Where else would you be able to get ongoing support from a group of NFC Mobile Payment experts at such a low cost? More >