Source: Forbes by William L. McComb, CEO, Fifth & Pacific Companies

Mobile applications and online platforms need to be optimized to tie together the in-store and user experience.

A recent article in Forbes, discussing the current retailer obsession with the “Digital Strategy” as the ticket to customer loyalty highlights that really the obsession with online & mobile; marketing, shopping and loyalty programs are an attempt to master customer relationships.

It is not doubt that retailer’s need to be “firing on all cylinders,” (specialty retail, mobile, social media, marketing, e-commerce) but really what ties everything together is the “in-store” shopping experience, which now more than ever, customers expect to be perfectly flawless.

The in-store shopping experience:

  1. Only an in-store experience can provide, the seeing, touching and feeling of a product, something that cannot be replaced by e-commerce
  2. Because of the economic crisis, people are shopping less, so a seamless shopping experience; that is fun, pleasurable and acts as an escape from reality is expected
  3. There should be a pull together of the real-word and online experience- with Mobile bridging a consistent brand experience across all channels

The Mobile and Online Shopping Experience should not be the ultimate solution, moreover, “Smart companies will find ways to use the mobile app as a “teaser” experience that drives the interested to the store, whether for a deeper experience or to buy. ”

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